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Game Information

Active kingdoms : 32
Round Start: 11 Jan 2022, 09:00
Round End:   01 Feb 2022, 09:00

S2.SKLONE.NET, Round10

Welcome to the round of Probes!

This is a version of Starkingdoms with new features and quality of life improvements to cater to modern day expectations. Same 1 hour ticks, different ways to play!

This round improves on the following original features:
- Personal kingdom states (Mobilization, Growth, Offensive and Defensive)
- Victory Points (Honor) have returned and are earned by your sector for offensive actions.
- Self-Ticking newbie mode or try one of our pre-ticked kingdoms. You can start building military right away!

And adds exciting new ways to play:
- Capture the Flag to give your victory points a bonus!
- Passive probes income introduced, forget repetitious robbing.
- Passive probes income will generate up to 30-60% of your total income
- Victory Points system introduced
- CTF - Capture The Flag introduced
- Limited food supply past 1000 land
- DW recieved discount on TFs (-20%)
- HGL unit now has 6/6 points, 15NW and base cost is 1200 gold

Detailed Round10 changes here and Planet types table here