The Ultimate Guide

  • This game is under active development, there will be imperfections. You will find some mobile-friendly touches in the UI.
  • The game is set to tick in 30 minute intervals based off of the system clock, this is when resources are updated, war leaders begin their return, etc.
  • The round resets at the beginning of each month.
  • If you desire to land in the same sector as a friend use the group sign ups.
  • Sklone has many Races in addition to Planet types. You can learn more about that here.
  • The In-game menu contains a link to the SKlone Discord channel. Players can take advantage of this to meet friends and enemies. Create a channel with your friends to plot universal domination!
  • Sending aid to another kingdom is disabled at this time.
  • Max buttons are optimized to build in units of 16/24 to maximize growth and for your convenience.
  • When you take the final piece of land from a kingdom your news will inform you that the kingdom was annihilated. You will salvage their land, money, power, population, and probes for your own. This doesn’t apply to FOOD kingdoms.


  • Pop growth is 2.5%, pop loss is -5% or -100 if you are near death.
  • Kidnaps return 1/4th of the 5% of stolen population.
  • Attacker: (units_total) * (1 + mil% + (wls_count - 1) * 0.03 - (0.2 if powerless) + pt_bonus + race_bonus) * ( 1 - defenderShields)
  • Defender: (units_total) * (1 + mil% + pt_bonus + race_bonus - (0.2 if powerless))
  • Income = ROUND((Kingdom.Population * 2 + Starmines.Built * 130) * (1 + (ResearchPercent/100) + (PlanetType.Income-1) + RaceType.Income), 0)
  • Probes per tick = Kingdom.Probes + ProbeFactories.Built * (ProbeFactor.PlanetType) * (0.5 + (RAND() / 2))
  • Longevity increases population growth by 4x.
  • If your kingdom reaches 0 population or land you will die.


  • We would like players to treat their sectors as alliances until the player base reaches an optimal level.


  • Attackers will lose up to 5% of their offensive units during an attack (up to 6% if powerless). There is no option to shield sent units.
  • Defenders will lose up to 5% of their defensive units during an attack (up to 6% if powerless).
  • The base return time is 14 ticks.
  • You can build as many Tactical Fighters as built Air Support Bays can support. You can only attack with as many Tactical Fighters as Bays can support.
  • There is no land defense value. You could send 1 unit to grab some land on an undefended kingdom.
  • Units created after you exceed 100% of your barracks space will move into the residence and the population there dies. However the population bonus still effects how many units one residence can house!
  • Non-Soldier military units can be disbanded into Soldiers. Soldiers can be disbanded into population. Scientists must be uncommitted to research in order to disband to soldiers. Only units at home can be disbanded.
  • Kingdoms are encouraged to have shields up outside of newbie protection.


  • Probes defence is in between [land x 8, land x 16] range.
  • Success rate on any mission is sent_probes / probes_defence ratio, multiplied by (1 - shields_rate).
  • Minimal success rate at any mission is 20% (1 probe trick will work).
  • You need 1500 probes to destroy 1 building (used to be 1000 probes).
  • Base number for probe loses is like in SK: RANDOM(1.1, 2.2)%, although aggressive probe missions will yield twice +50% bigger probe loses RAND(1.65, 3.3)%.
  • Probes History added to Probes room (shows last 96 probe missions)
  • Spy on Probes History added (shows last 12 probe missions)

Newbie mode

  • Newbie mode will last for 96 ticks.
  • There is no option at this time to convert buildings, and razed buildings will not be refunded a percentage of the cost. We will fix this later.
  • Keep in mind that your population will only grow 2.5% per tick. Be careful in creating too many residences early. Forest kingdoms should take this into consideration before creating only residence in newbie mode.
  • Energy Core is only 20,000 points to research once Fusion Technology is complete.


  • Nuclear missiles will destroy 0.5% of the targets land and 2% of their population.
  • Fusion missiles will destroy 1% of the targets land and 6% of their population.
  • Energy missiles will destroy 2% of the targets land and 10% of their population. We will add destruction of the enemies power reserves soon.
  • Universal domination is imminent... my friend.


  • There are a certain number of kingdoms which are free land to grab. These kingdoms are kept in certain land ranges and marked with "Food" status tag in the Sector view (look towards the ending sectors of the Universe to find them).
  • There will be two tiers of food kingdoms.
  • Tier 1 food begins with 300 land, 500 soldiers, no research, and 1 million platinum.
  • It may require up to 70 tanks to successfully attack the Tier 1 food. Be sure to account for any defensive bonuses to their planet type and your own. We recommend using the built in calculator.
  • Tier 1 food resets to the 300 land size once destroyed.
  • Tier 2 food begins with 500 land, 2000 tanks, no research, and 1 million platinum
  • Unlike Tier 1 the Tier 2 kingdoms will reset to half of the land of the  median kingdom once destroyed.
  • They will have similar defense to a median ranged kingdom.
  • The main difference to keep in mind is that with Tier 2 kingdoms the values are changing after they reset.