SKlone Help

The Basics

You are a kingdom in a sector with many others.

You are able to join an alliance with those that share your interests.

You may send out skilled workers to explore new planets or attack other players.

Your kingdom is made up of: money, power, population, land, military units, scientists, and probes. All of these provide a value to your score and when added together you have your networth. The networth is your kingdoms size and strength.

You can train soldiers and construct new units for the military and you have soldiers available to draft into elite units.

You can send your armies into enemy lands to capture their land and resources. In the Lab, your scientists develop and discover new technology.

Attack time and other factors depends on where other kingdoms coordinates are on the galaxy map. Every kingdom in your sector could be your ally and you could fight with them against other kingdoms or sectors to expand your size. There are no guarantees that your sector mates will desire this path.

You can launch missiles at enemy kingdoms to destroy entire planets and populations, but be warned that this tactic is not looked on favorably in universal politics.

There are food kingdoms to help you grow in certain sectors. Sectors 1-3 are for food while the rest are Players/AI Players. Tier 1 food in sector 1: 200 land, 35k robs, 40 tanks defense. Tier 2 food in sector 2: 500 land, 60k robs, 1000-2000 tanks defense. Tier 3 food in sector 3: 1500-2500, 100k robs, 3000-30,000 tanks defense 15k probe defense.

You can send probes through the hypergate to other Sectors and Galaxies to gather intel and infiltrate the enemy.

As kingdoms grow in size they often become more aggressive. Be cautious of how often you are attacking others. If at any point your kingdom runs out of power your shields will be disabled and your military defense and offense will be 20% weaker, your birth rate will be reduced by 90%, and your population limit will be reduced by 20%.

MA protection reduces your land loss by 10% per successful attack up to a maximum of 50%. Your MA protection is reduced by 5% each tick. If you attack your MA protection will be reduced to 0%. When your population falls below 0 at the tick or you have lost all of your land then your kingdom will die, permanently!

Newbie Guide
Buildings Build 80 star mines.
Build 32 probe factories.
Exploration Explore 24 land.
Research Assign 10 scientists to the money bonus.
Rewards The game begins at 12 PM Sklone time. Take your land reward right away. Save your money reward for after the star mines complete. Keep in mind you have 24 ticks ( *1tick = 30 min ) and if you miss it then it will be lost. Do not forget!
Barracks Once you have acquired 16 land build barracks and begin training soldiers. Be careful not to build more than you can support. Check your military for available barrack space as going over 100% will cause population loss and affect your money.
Training Camps After you have sufficient barracks to support your troops focus on training camps. Build 10% of your land as training camps to reduce the cost of military units by 30%. You will want to begin building units at the 24 hour mark so that you have enough offense to attack food, but enough defense to not become a target yourself.
Rubble If you receive arsons or sabos it will create a building called Rubble out of the burn down res and power plants. Rubble can then be razed to recover 40% of the building cost.
Scientists As the game progresses it is recommended to maximize the top 4 research bonuses (Pop, Power, Military, & Money) as soon as possible.
Tips Explore 24 more land as soon as you can but not before. Do this throughout newbie mode. You have enough power plants to last you through newbie mode. It is not necessary to power your shields as nobody can attack you. Raise your military shields once newbie mode has ended. Maximize your money and residence bonus first to increase your income. Attack the food kingdoms as soon as newbie mode ends.
Planet Type information
Planet Type Pros Cons Research
Mountainous +20% income
+30% honor
-20% power production Starts with laser dragoons
Forest and Wilderness +20% population
+20% barracks space
+10% return time Starts with dragoons and laser dragoons
Terra Form -45% research required
+10 research maximum
-15% income Starts with 1500 research points in land based research.
Mystical Lands -25% return time
-50% offensive losses
-10% attack power Starts with fusion technology.
Volcanic Inferno -90% power required
5x power storage
-10% population Starts with fusion technology and requires 50% power to shield probes.
Jagged Tundra -20% unit cost (including scientists) -10% probe production none
Oceanic +20% defensive strength
-35% building cost
+15% research required Starts with laser dragoons
Desert Wasteland +25% offensive strength
-30% offensive costs
-10% population Starts with dragoons, FDC always at 25%
Multiple Terrain +10% offensive strength
+10% defensive strength
none Starts with all military units researched
Shadow Lands +25% probe production
Intel missions ignore probe shields
-10% offensive strenth Starts with fusion technology and probe armor
Helium -15% offensive unit cost
+15% income
-10% population Starts with fusion technology
Race Type information
Race Type Pros Cons
Terran +10% population
Soldiers cost 120 gold
Xivornai +10% income none
Gistrami +10% offense
-10% return time
Mafielven +10% defense
-10% research required
Qanut -20% building cost
-10% exploration costs
Shadow +25% probes damage
-25% probe losses
Military Units information
Offense unit recruiting is limited to the amount of defense units currently in training/completed. At start of round this is 40% defense to 60% offense ratio. Defense percent will decrease and the Offense percent will increase as round goes on allowing more offense units to be built.
Unit Type Offensive Strength Defensive Strength Networth Power Cost Cost
Soldiers 1 1 3 0.7 150
Troopers 4 0 6 0.7 350
Dragoons 5 0 7 0.7 450
Laser troopers 0 4 7 0.7 400
Laser Dragoons 0 5 8 0.7 550
High Guard Lancers 4 6 15 0.7 1000
Tanks 9 9 22 1.4 1750
Tactical Fighters 12 0 18 1.4 1500
Scientists 0 0 8 0.7 900
Networth Calculations (in addition to units)
Land Land * 25
Buildings Buildings * 25
Population Population * 1
Money Money * 1/500
Probes Probes * 0.5

At one time every sector was an alliance of their own which led to many heated battles. After thousands of years kingdoms grew tired of fighting for leaders that disrespected their desires. The players rebelled as the galaxy was split and a great battle ensued. Neither side was able to achieve victory and instead their grasp on the players slipped. The AI the alliances had unleashed against each other took over the galaxy. A mad scientist named Wicky devised a powerful weapon that was able to vaporize all alliances. Now each kingdom is able to join an alliance of their own.

The sector leader is still visible in the sector as a yellow kingdom and is able to set a sector topic and banner. The kingdom that is elected sector leader is given a 10% research bonus. Alliances can fight over control of this coveted title. The war continues in an attempt to now unite the sectors under one banner, and reclaim control of the sectors. Universal domination is imminent, my friend.

Alliance States
War +10% offensive bonus and +20% gains on declared alliance.
Peace +15% defense, and -15% offensive gains on declared alliance.
Alliance States Info
War, Peace now work to where if one alliance declares it against the other, the other alliance inherits the effect until they declare the opposite condition. War defense losses to the opposite alliance are down from 10% to 7%. If alliance declares Peace the alliance attacking the Peace declared alliance will lose 7% offense. Losses are lowered also by 2% from 7% to normal 5%. Minimum losses is 5%
You can explore additional land to expand your kingdom but this becomes costly as the game progresses. Exploring in multiples of 24 will help you to gain the land quickly. Eventually you might desire to attack kingdoms in other sectors for larger gains. The table below is a formula to maximize your growth while in newbie status.
Max Exploration Formula
Tick Land Explore/Reward
Tick: 96 Land: 250 Explore: 24
Tick: 95 Land: 251 Reward: 20
Tick: 86 Land: 280 Explore: 14
Tick: 72 Land: 298 Reward: 20
Tick: 70 Land: 320 Explore: 24
Tick: 58 Land: 340 Explore: 22
Tick: 46 Land: 362 Explore: 24
Tick: 35 Land: 384 Explore: 24
Tick: 25 Land: 405 Explore: 23
Tick: 24 Land: 407 Reward: 20
Tick: 16 Land: 445 Explore: 24
Tick: 8 Land: 466 Explore: 23
You have 4 war generals which are necessary to lead your offense. They can be sent out one at a time or together. If sent together some will return faster. For each general sent together your offense gains 3% additional offensive power. If you send out all of your generals you must wait for one to return before launching another attack.

The game has a built in attack calculator that you will find a link to after you send probes to spy on a kingdom or its military.
Mission Result
Spy on kingdom Decrypt detailed information of a kingdom.
Spy on military Decrypt the military status of a kingdom.
Spy on buildings Decrypt the current buildings of a kingdom.
Spy on research Decrypt the current research of a kingdom.
Spy on shields Decrypt the current shield % of a kingdom.
Rob banks Siphon electronic funds from the bank of another kingdom.
Arson Destroy an enemies residence.
Sabotage Destroy an enemies power planets.
Kidnappings Enslave the enemies population.
Suicide Sacrifice your probes to destroy the enemies current power.
Probe Probes frequencies are scrambled causing the enemy probes failure rate to increase.

Maximum Effectiveness: 25%
Military Your kingdom's shields will decrease the offensive value of the enemies forces.

Maximum Effectiveness: 10%
Missile A missile defense system that intercepts enemy missiles before they can damage your kingdom.

Maximum Effectiveness: 100%
Nuclear Destroy 2% of the enemies land and 2% of their population. A minimum of 40 land is destroyed.
Fusion Destroy 4% of the enemies land and 6% of their population. A minimum of 100 land is destroyed.
Energy Destroy 6% of the enemies land, 10% population, and 10% energy. A minimum of 250 land is destroyed.
Residence Residence are where the population lives. If there is not enough room in your barracks for your military, your military will 'kick out' population from their residential homes in order to seek shelter. Population will also give you income through taxes.
Holds 50 civilians or military. 2 money per population.
Barracks Military are housed here first, but if there is no room they will enter the residence and kick out your population. Failing to produce enough barracks will eventually result in death. You will lose population every tick until this is corrected. All land units require one space in the barracks, with the exception of tanks which will require two.

Holds 75 military units.
Air Support Bay The ASB houses your tactical fighters. You can not build tactical fighters without the ASB to house them.
Holds 40 Tactical Fighters.
Power Plant This building can produce 100/150* units of power. Up to 500/1000* units of power can be stored. Any excess is lost.
Produces 100/150* power and stores up to 500/1000* power.
* If Fusion Technology is researched.
Star Mine This building provides you with gold every tick and is usually the main source of income.
Produces 130 money.
Training Camp Training camps greatly decrease the cost of military units. If you have 10% of your land as training camps you will reduce the costs of military units up to the maximum of 30%. This does not apply to soldiers.
Probe Factory PF's manufacture probes that are produced each tick. They are vital to both the offensive and defensive capabilities of your kingdom.
Population Bonus By increasing the capacity of the residence building, a kingdom can increase the population above normal.
Maximum 20%
Increases Population
Power Bonus More efficient fuel can be discovered to increase the power output of any given powerplant.
Maximum 50%
Increases Power
Military Strength By discovering new weapons and armor one can make there army more effective. This research will improve both your offensive and defensive military strength.
Maximum 30%
Increases Military Strength
Money Improved government projects can increase revenue. By reducing unemployment and government spending strategies more tax money can go towards construction and military.
Maximum 25%
Increases Income
Frequency Decryption Probes use the same low end frequencies to transmit data, regardless of who is using them, as the low end frequencies are the only ones capable of transmitting data at such a long distance. Although we frequently pick up signals over the radio, we are rarely able to decrypt it. This is why we have placed scientists on the job to monitor the waves 24/7. When successfully decrypting a transmission we can calculate how many probes were sent, what the probes were assigned to do, and who sent them.
Maximum 25%
Gives a chance at knowing which kingdom successfully probed you.
Warp Drive Through advanced research, knowledge learned in the energy core project can be used to increase the speed at which our armies move.
Maximum 20%
Requires Energy Core research.
Decreases attack time.
Dragoons Research laser scopes, electronic implants, and offensive programming for military units.
Develop Dragoon
Requires 60,000 points.
Laser Dragoons Research new armor upgrades and defensive programs.

Develop Laser Dragoon
Requires 72,000 points.
High Guard Lancers Research advanced technology to train elite units as Lancers with both offensive and defensive abilities.
Develop High Guard Lancers
Requires 200,000 points + Dragoons and Laser Dragoons to be unlocked.
Vesudian Core and AI Technology Research the ability to harness the power of the Vesudian Core, and the AI technology to control it. Allows the production of air support bay's and tactical fighters.
Develop Vesudian Core and AI Technology.
Requires 300,000 points + dragoons laser dragoons, and High Guard Lancers to be unlocked.
Large ASB Research the ability to house 40 Tactical Fighters instead of 30 Tactical Fighters.
Support more Tactical Fighters.
Requires 350,000 points + Vesudian Core and AI Technology, Dragoons, Laser Dragoons, and High Guard Lancers to be unlocked.
Fusion Technology Learn how to harness the power of fusion in order to build more powerful missiles, and produce power more efficiently. Allows the production of the fusion missile and upgrades power plant.
Develop Fusion Technology
Requires 30,000 points.
Energy Core Research the use of an advanced energy based core in machinery's engines and power plants. Increases power production of power plants by 20%, allows you to produce the Energy Missiles, and decreases attack time by 10%
Develop Energy Core.
Requires 50,000 points and the research of Fusion Technology to be completed.
Probe Armor Research the use of an armor plating that can be polarized to resist energy weapons. Decreases probe losses by 50%.
Develop Probe Armor.
Requires 92,000 points and the research of Fusion Technology to be completed.
Longevity Research the health and genetics of your civilians to increase life expectancy and quality of life. Increases birth rate 4x and Residences house 55 civilians instead of 50.
Develop Longevity Technology.
Requires 250,000 points + Fusion Technology, and Energy Core to be completed.
Power Cost
Population .35
Buildings 2.1
Tanks and Tactical Fighters 1.4
All other units .7
Alliance Leader
Alliances can have up to 10 kingdoms and require at least 3 members to declare War, Peace, Nap and Ally.
Newly created alliances must wait 144 ticks before declaring. Kingdoms cannot leave an alliance if War or Peace has been declared.
The alliance is given 5% passive income per tick based off of their networth.
When leaving an alliance you must wait 24 ticks to enter another.
The leader cannot leave without deleting the alliance.
When at war defensive losses increase from 5% to 12.5%.
Getting a kill shot to exterminate an Alliance Leader will transfer 100% of the opposing alliance's vault to your own alliance.
This killshot can be stolen by other alliances and can only be obtained via a land grab.
Alliance Leaders have the ability to select a Vice Alliance Leader that can do everything the Alliance Leader can do except kick the Alliance Leader or disband the alliiance.
When an Alliance Leader dies the alliance owner is transferred the Vice Alliance Leader.

War and Peace function such that if one alliance declares the opposing alliance inherits the effect until they declare the opposite condition.
War defense losses to the opposite alliance are 7%.
If an alliance declares Peace the alliance attacking the Peace declared alliance will lose 7% offense with 5% losses. Minimum losses are set at 5%.

Leaving an alliance has a duration of 48 ticks if relation of War or Peace is declared on your alliance, or if your alliance declares War or Peace. Then it will kick you.

If your alliance declares War on another alliance you can launch the Electromagnetic Missile which lowers the other alliances power produced by 20% for 48 ticks.

If your alliance declares Peace on another alliance you can launch the Ionospheric Missile which increases the other alliances return times by 20% for 24 ticks.(Current sector war gains/offense/defense values still apply to War and Peace)
Alliance Enhancements
Enhancement Effect Duration Cost
Solar Winds +50% Power Production 48 ticks Alliance Networth * 0.15
Nano Bots +10% income 24 ticks Alliance Networth * 0.25
Warp Gate -10% Return Time 24 Ticks Alliance Networth * 0.10
Alliance Weapons
Weapon Effect Cost
Electromagnetic Missile -20% power for 48 ticks 2,000,000
Ionospheric Missile +20% return time for 24 ticks 2,000,000
Dark Matter Plague -20% Income, -20% Power Production, -50% Birthrate for 48 ticks 10,000,000 + (Alliance Networth * 0.35)
Super Virus -10% Income, -10% Power Production for 48 ticks 5,000,000 + (Alliance Land * 0.35)
Solar Cloud +10% Return Time 5,000,000
Black Hole +10% Probe Losses Alliance Networth * 0.25
SpyNet Steals 25% of a Target's Alliance Fund 3,000,000
Alliance Enhancements contd.
Enhancement Level Cost Pop Bonus Birth Rate Defense Bonus Offense Bonus Explore Discount Building Reduction Research Bonus Probe Production Probe Loss Reduction
Cloning Station 1 100,000 0.01 0.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cloning Station 2 300,000 0.02 0.4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cloning Station 3 500,000 0.03 0.6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cloning Station 4 1,000,000 0.04 0.8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Cloning Station 5 3,000,000 0.05 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Alliance Defense 1 250,000 0 0 0.01 0 0 0 0 0 0
Alliance Defense 2 500,000 0 0 0.02 0 0 0 0 0 0
Alliance Defense 3 1,000,000 0 0 0.03 0 0 0 0 0 0
Alliance Defense 4 2,000,000 0 0 0.04 0 0 0 0 0 0
Alliance Defense 5 3,000,000 0 0 0.05 0 0 0 0 0 0
Arsenal 1 200,000 0 0 0 0.01 0 0 0 0 0
Arsenal 2 400,000 0 0 0 0.02 0 0 0 0 0
Arsenal 3 750,000 0 0 0 0.03 0 0 0 0 0
Arsenal 4 1,500,000 0 0 0 0.04 0 0 0 0 0
Arsenal 5 2,000,000 0 0 0 0.05 0 0 0 0 0
Expansion Module 1 250,000 0 0 0 0 0.03 0.03 0 0 0
Expansion Module 2 600,000 0 0 0 0 0.06 0.06 0 0 0
Expansion Module 3 1,250,000 0 0 0 0 0.09 0.09 0 0 0
Expansion Module 4 2,500,000 0 0 0 0 0.12 0.12 0 0 0
Expansion Module 5 4,000,000 0 0 0 0 0.15 0.15 0 0 0
Research Station 1 100,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.03 0 0
Research Station 2 300,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.06 0 0
Research Station 3 600,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.09 0 0
Research Station 4 1,500,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.12 0 0
Research Station 5 2,500,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.15 0 0
Espionage Office 1 200,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.05 0.02
Espionage Office 2 500,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.10 0.04
Espionage Office 3 1,000,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.15 0.06
Espionage Office 4 2,300,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.20 0.08
Espionage Office 5 4,000,000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.25 0.1
War Honor
War Honor is gained in battle. Honor gained in honorable victories. A defending kingdom only loses 90% of the gained honor. If a kingdom has a high amount of honor, they will gain bonuses. Four times as much honor is gained in war (only two times is lost).
War Honor Calculations
Target networth (theirs vs yours)) Honor gained (from target)
Less than 25% None
26-49% 1.25%
50-69 2.50%
70-89 5.00%
90-00 7.50%
100%+ 10.0%
War Honor Bonuses
Kingdom's War Honor Bonus
0-599 -5.0% Income
600-1199 -2.5% Income
1200-1500 None
1501-1800 2.5% Income
1801-2100 +5.0% Income
2101-2400 +5.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
2401-2700 +6.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
2701-3000 +7.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
3001-3300 +8.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
3301-3600 +9.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
3601-5000 +10.0% Income, -5.0% Training Costs
5001+ +10.0% Income, -10.0% Training Costs